Ag/Commercial Fuel

Wanklyn Oil Co., Inc. can provide propane and diesel delivery service for farm site fueling, commercial fleet fueling, standby generation, propane powered fork trucks, transport-sized storage tank applications and about everything in between.

For commercial retail propane outlets, we can offer everything from the bottle-fill station to the storage tank, For personal attention on your commercial propane and fuel requirements, please contact our sales office at 800-794-2019

Ag/Commercial Fuel Services


  • Premium Diesel, NL, Premium NL, E-10
  • Winter mixed fuel(Blended as requested)
  • Soy Diesel
  • DEF
  • Transport Loads are available
  • Delivery to the field if needed

Oil & Grease

  • We stock Mobil, United, Chevron and Phillips
  • We have a variety of Hydraulic Fluids, Motor Oils, and Greases


  • Transfer Pumps
  • Hoses and Nozzles
  • 300, 500, 1000 Gallon Tanks

Premium Diesel With Power Max 3000

Power Max 3000 is a multi-functional additive system with outstanding detergent cleaning power, three times more effective than detergents used in the former L10 testing procedure.  Power Max 3000 is the next generation anti-foulant that vastly improves the performance in newer model vehicles equipped with HPFI systems. Benefits include:

  • Cleans fuel injection systems and restores fuel economy and horsepower to new engine performance levels
  • Lubricity agent is used to reduce the wear and tear of your internal components
  • Prevents filter plugging caused by thermal stressing of fuel
  • Eliminates formation of carbon deposits in High-Pressure Fuel Injection Systems
  • Moisture control agent reduces moisture content in fuel, thereby preventing cold weather problems and bacteria buildup

Need Gas, Oil, Diesel Delivery?

We provide propane and diesel delivery service for commercial, business, and farms to power what you need.
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