Pre-pay Programs

Our Prepay Program sign-up period is usually between the end of July through the beginning of September.  Final deliveries of prepay will be in March and any remaining prepay on a customer’s account will be converted from gallons to a dollar credit on the account.

Option 1: 100% prepaid – This option is the least expensive per gallon charge for all of the pre-pay programs.  Pay for all of your estimated fuel usage for the winter up front.  We will put you on a route (unless requested otherwise) and keep your tank full as long as you have prepay propane with us.

Option 2: 100% Down Side Price Protection – This option has a ceiling set at a certain price (10 cents higher than 100% prepaid cost).  If the market price drops, you will be charged the lower market price plus 10 cents.

Option 3: 50 Cent Down – This option is a down payment of 50 cents per gallon for the set price (6 cents higher than 100% prepaid cost).  The remaining amount per gallon must be paid within 15 days of delivery.  Tax will be charged as delivered.  Late payments on this option will be assessed a $20 service charge.  A minimum of 200 gallons must be delivered on this option for will calls.  Must have a $0 account balance to enroll in this option.

Option 4: Level Pay – This option is for people that do not want to pay the full prepay at one time.  We take the quantity of gallons used for the previous year and multiply it by the set price.  Then we add in the amount of tax due for your area and divide the total by 10 months.  This will be the amount that needs to be paid every month for the next 10 months, usually starting in July and ending in April.  Must have a $0 account balance to enroll in this option.

Pay your bill as your tank is filled:

As your tank is filled with propane, we will add it to your account and you will need to pay the bill within 15 days of receipt.  This option will not lock in a price, so you will always pay the market price for propane.

We accept payments in the form of cash, check or credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover).

We are also willing to set up payment plans with customers.  Please call the office at (785) 292-4710 with questions about payment plans.

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