• Above Ground Tank Sales and Installation
  • Tank Leasing
  • Underground Tank Sales and Installation
  • Propane Tank Leak Checks
  • Trenching for Propane Line Installation
  • Propane Tank Repairs
  • Propane Bottle Sales and Exchanges (various sizes)
  • Propane Forklift Bottles
  • Propane Forklift Cylinder Exchange and Delivery
  • Regulators
  • Propane Grills and Accessories
  • Propane Outdoor Heaters
  • Weed Burners
  • Building & Remodeling


  • Premium Diesel, NL, Premium NL, E-10
  • Winter mixed fuel(Blended as requested)
  • Soy Diesel
  • DEF
  • Transport Loads are available
  • Delivery to the field if needed

Premium Diesel With Power Max 3000

Power Max 3000 is a multi-functional additive system with outstanding detergent cleaning power, three times more effective than detergents used in the former L10 testing procedure.  Power Max 3000 is the next generation anti-foulant that vastly improves the performance in newer model vehicles equipped with HPFI systems. Benefits include:

  • Cleans fuel injection systems and restores fuel economy and horsepower to new engine performance levels
  • Lubricity agent is used to reduce the wear and tear of your internal components
  • Prevents filter plugging caused by thermal stressing of fuel
  • Eliminates formation of carbon deposits in High-Pressure Fuel Injection Systems
  • Moisture control agent reduces moisture content in fuel, thereby preventing cold weather problems and bacteria buildup

Oil & Grease

  • We stock Mobil, United, Chevron, and Phillips
  • We have a variety of Hydraulic Fluids, Motor Oils, and Greases


  • Transfer Pumps
  • Hoses and Nozzles
  • 300, 500, 1000 Gallon Tanks

Storage Units

We are now offering storage units at our Manhattan bulk plant. The address is 8911 E Highway 24. The size of units we offer are 15×25 & 10×25. $120 a month. Power is an option for each unit.